"Reunions of the Colorado School for the Deaf [1904, 1924, 1926]." Book in History Room, Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind, 33 Institute Street, Colorado Springs, Colorado.
   page 1
      First Reunion, May 28, 1904.  30th Anniversary, 1874-1904.

   page 47
      Enos B. Loughran
      2453 Stout St
      Educated at the Colorado
      left 1891
      [RED "Bedridden invalid"]
      [BLUE "dead"]

   page 56
      Lena Brauer
      2915 Howard Place
      Denver, Colo.
      Educ[']ed at Colorado School
      from 1884 to 1902
      Pickel cutter
      [BLUE "Mrs. Loughran"]
      [BLUE 2nd "San Diego, Calif."]

   page 59
      Aug 1924

   page 65
      Daniel Decker
      702 Stuart St.
      Denver, Colo

   p. 68
      x Mrs. Lena Loughran
      415 Kalamath St
      Denver, Colo

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