Index of Names

[--?--], Katy (m. Loughran) [1880C]
[--?--], Margaret (m. Holcomb) [1870C]
[--?--], Mary (m. Loughran) [1880C] [Ledger] [Horan]
Brauer, Lena (m. Loughran, Decker) [Reunions]
Decker, Daniel [Reunions]
Decker, Lena (Brauer) See Brauer, Lena (m. Loughran, Decker)
Holcomb, Edward [1870C]
Holcomb, Henry [1870C]
Holcomb, John [1870C]
Holcomb, Margaret ([--?--]) See [--?--], Margaret (m. Holcomb)
Holcomb, Mary [1870C]
Loughran, Agnes (b. abt 1815) [1870C]
Loughran, Agness (b. abt __) [1880C]
Loughran, Enos (b. abt 1843-1844) [1870C] [1880C]
Loughran, Enos B. (b. abt 1872) [1880C] [Ledger] [Reunions] [Horan] See also summary
Loughran, Frank [1870C]
Loughran, George [1880C]
Loughran, Hugh (b. abt 1851) [1870C] [1880C] [Ledger]
Loughran, Hugh (b. abt 1876) [1880C]
Loughran, John [1870C]
Loughran, Katherine (b. abt 1839) [Horan]
Loughran, Katy ([--?--]) (b. abt 1846) See [--?--], Katy (m. Loughran)
Loughran, Lena (Brauer) See Brauer, Lena (m. Loughran, Decker)
Loughran, Maria J. [Horan]
Loughran, Mary ([--?--]) See [--?--], Mary (m. Loughran)
Loughran, Mary [1880C]

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