Summary - Enos B. Loughran

Born: 22 July 1871, Colorado [1880C] (8) [1920C] (46) [Ledger] probably in Central City, Gilpin County, where his father/parents lived before and after his birth. [1870C]
Died: bur. 24 June 1922, Mount Olivet Cemetery, Wheat Ridge, Colorado.[Olivet-Off]
Parents: Hugh Loughran (1850-1913). [1870] (22) [Ledger] [1880C] (29) [1885C] [1900C] [1910C] [Graves] [Olivet-Off]
Mary [-?-] (1848-1919). [Ledger] [1880C] (30) [1885C] [1900C] [1910C] [Graves] [Olivet-Off]
Siblings: Agnes M. P. (Loughran) (Pitts) Cahill (c1873-1948). [1880C] (7) [1885C] [1900C] [1910C] [1920C] [COMarr] [Graves]
Hugh Joseph Loughran (1876-1944). [1880C] (4) [1885C] [1900C] [DraftH] [Olivet-Off]
Walter Berry Loughran (1882-1939) [1885C] [1900C] [1910C] [1920C] [DraftW] [Olivet-Off]
Deaf: Totally deaf; Cause: brain fever, age 10 months [Ledger] Prior to attending school, he was accidentally or mistakenly labeled as "Idiotic." [1880C]
Education: Admitted Colorado Mute & Blind Institute, 20 September 1882;[Ledger] attended 1882-c1892.[1882R] [1884R] [1886R] [1888R] [1890R1] [1892R1]
Spouse(s): Lena Brauer, m. c1905, soon after they both attended a school reunion. [Reunions] [1910C] After Enos's death, she was remarried to Daniel Decker, about a month after the 1924 reunion. [Reunions] [COMarr]
Children: Cathrine/Kathrine, b. c1908, Colorado. [1910C] [1920C]
Occupation: Tinner. [1900C] [1910C] Tanner? [Reunions] None in 1920. [1920C]
Residences: 1880, Central City, Gilpin County, Colorado [1880C]
1885, Central City, Gilpin County, Colorado [1885C]
1900, Denver, Arapahoe County, Colorado [1900C]
1910, Denver, Denver City & County, Colorado [1910C]
1920, Denver, Denver City & County, Colorado [1920C]

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